Accounting Services
Accounting Services

The aim of our accounting product is to assist clients to produce reliable financial information that complies with financial reporting requirements and standards, forming the basis for decisions. The information generated by accounting processes is the single most important source of knowledge a business owner or investor needs when making decisions about their business or investment.  Without it reliable financial information, major decisions would be flawed.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting produces general information about the financial performance and financial position of an investment (including businesses). Such information includes:

  • Profit & Loss Statements (income & expenses)
  • Balance Sheets (assets, liabilities and equity)
  • Statements of Cash Flows (cash flow)

We also provide bookkeeping services and training in certain bookkeeping / accounting software packages.

Management Accounting

Management accounting produces special purpose financial information to enable finer control over the activities of an investment that drive income and costs.  It’s about combining the financial information with activity data from the investment to provide more accurate and more reliable information about returns, costing, pricing and breakeven etc.  Some typical management accounting information includes:-

Manufacturing / Production Statements

  • Job Costing Analysis
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Pricing & Costing Models